Detox –

If you have a drug test coming up, using detox products might just be your best chance of coming through without testing positive. There are many such products available on the market, and they are generally more effective than any of the many home remedies you can try.

Detox products come in many forms, from pills and capsules to powdered solutions and liquids, and there are even chewable products that are more convenient to ingest. There are also detox mouthwash products and detox shampoos available, which can be invaluable for getting through saliva tests and hair tests respectively.

Choosing The Right Detox Product

Choosing one from the many detox products available is largely a matter of determining what type of drug test you will undergo and what particular substances you are using.

Urine Tests

The most commonly administered type of drug test is the urine test or urinalysis, which explains why so many detox products available on the market are developed specifically to help pass a urine test. These products are intended to clear the urine of toxins that may be detected during the course of a drug test, and they are generally more effective than traditional methods of cleansing the urine.


Saliva Tests

Saliva tests are becoming increasingly common nowadays since they are relatively inexpensive to implement, have a high degree of accuracy, and are generally non-invasive. For purposes of passing such a test, it is advisable to use a detox mouthwash that will effectively clear out toxins in saliva for a few hours. The effects of these solutions generally last only long enough for you to give a clean saliva sample, so it would be best to take them just an hour or so before you are expected to undergo testing.

Hair Tests

Another increasingly common type of drug test is the hair test. Most drugs leave traces of toxins in the hair strands long after the drug was taken, which results in a high degree of effectiveness for hair tests. In fact, many drugs can be detected in the hair long after its traces have left the urine or the blood. In order to get through such a test without testing positive, it might be helpful to use a detox shampoo. These products generally work to strip the hair strands of accumulated toxins, allowing you to provide a clean sample.

The Difference Between Permanent and Temporary Detox

Detox products generally fall into one of two categories: permanent and temporary. As the name suggests, permanent detox products clear up your system of toxins until the next time you ingest a drug again. Temporary solutions on the other hand work only to clear up specific body parts – whether the hair, saliva, or urine – temporarily. Many people find that using permanent detox products for several weeks prior to the test and temporary detox products a few days before the test provides the best results.

Many detox products available on the market can be remarkably effective. However, you have a much better chance of coming out clean if you abstain from using drugs in the weeks leading up to the test even while using such products.